Management team

Alon Kushnir, Founder and CEO: Prior to co- founding RedDress, Mr. Kushnir led regulatory QA and medical affairs at Deep Breeze Ltd for 9 years and Circ MedTech for 7 years. In his role, he successfully led companies through FDA clearance, CE mark, KFDA, WHO prequalification and over 40 worldwide clinical studies in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa. He was responsible for global implementation of reimbursement programs and strategic design of medical business development programs. In addition, he was involved in contracting global strategic partners such as GE Healthcare. Mr. Kushnir holds a B.Sc.

Igal Kushnir, MD, Founder and Medical Director: Dr. Igal Kushnir holds several medical device patents. Previously, he served as Founder and CEO for MTRE Advanced Technologies for 5 years, where he invented a body thermoregulation device. He invented a non-invasive functional imaging device of body organs such as the lungs and heart for Deep Breeze Ltd. of which he was the Founder and CEO for 7 years. Dr. Kushnir has vast experience as a family physician specializing in Pediatrics and continues to work in a private clinical practice for the past 30 years. For 10 years, he held the position of chief physician and medical manager for a hospital for chronically ill patients. Dr. Kushnir graduated cum laude from Tel Aviv University and holds a Medical Degree specializing in Pediatrics.

Ronit Bendori, Ph.D., Director of the Board: Since 2000, Dr. Ronit Bendori has served as General Partner in Evergreen Ventures with focus on investments in the Healthcare sector. Prior to joining Evergreen, Dr. Bendori was the Vice President of Pharmos Ltd. (NASDAQ: PARS). Before Pharmos, she held senior positions as an expert in technology transfer at InterPharm Ltd. (Israel) and Ares-Serono (Switzerland). As one of its most experienced figures, Dr. Bendori is an active promoter for the Israeli Healthcare industry. She was an adviser to former Chief Scientists at the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade on biotechnology issues. On behalf of the chief scientist, she headed the Monitor Survey of the Israeli Biotechnology. Currently, she is a member of the advisory board of the Israeli Scientific American and on the advisory board of the Center for Women’s Health at Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem. She has taught Industrial Aspects of Biotechnology in various institutions, including the Weizmann Institute of Science. She has a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Dr. Bendori initiated and was responsible for Evergreen’s investment in Colbar, which was sold to Johnson & Johnson for $160M. She was Colbar’s Chairperson and worked with the company from its early days till its acquisition. Dr. Bendori represents Evergreen on the boards of the following medical device companies: Activiews, Corassist, Nephera, Niti, Notal and Peer Medical.